Salmon Salad

Oh no
not this song
not another one
longing for something long gone
not another one
searching in every broken bottle
seeking something remote
something unknowable
a small silence
in between our compliance
we are done
we are dusted
we are toast
and our calamity is sliced fine
so indolent in our condolences
we are intolerable
we are insoluble
we are a bitter bite to swallow.

5 thoughts on “Salmon Salad

  1. Bitter bite to swallow is the sweet wine tasting sour at the end of your night.
    Bitter bites, bitter kisses under black walls, meaning nothing, feeling listless, battling this illness.
    What the hell is this?
    What is this for?
    What is left for tomorrow?
    Are there any sweeties left or did all those fat cigar smoking cats devour them?

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