The Forest in the Spare Room

She lead me by my hand
into the spare room
to share an intimate view
to watch the gathering dew
crystalline collections
confounded recollections
of a forest which flourished
under fluorescent tubes.

Haze hung lazy and thick
among the flowering boughs
she hushed her own words
as we coughed and laughed
exploring that shrouded grove
below a blinding artificial sun
inhaling the effervescence
of the forest’s very essence.

At last we tired and returned
awakened to our concrete world
surrounded by rude banality
submerged by stifling reality
with her smile and secret eyes
codes subtle and clandestine
words chosen or left unspoken
her forest beneath electric light.

7 thoughts on “The Forest in the Spare Room

  1. I remember a former employer and thèn drinking buddy sayi g to me a long while back:
    “I think you live in a surreal world”…
    before going on to express his uncertainty about whether that was a good thing…
    and then quickly switching topic.
    Fact is,
    sometimes it’s the only thing.
    we just need the secret forest,
    the illicit possibilities of fluorescent tubes
    and the foggy haze
    and the giggles.

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  2. This is a visual experience that I enjoyed. Awesome and clever.
    I’ve found small spaces, extra little hideaways where earth and oceans collide with space.
    There are colors not even discovered yet.
    These small spaces locked away in front of our eyes.
    A visual ride, an experience.
    We can all envision, if we just close our eyes.

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