Mubble Fubbles

after the words
at half-past dark
my second thoughts
later than at-last
further than so-far
my sorrowful wallow
cancelling tomorrow
my calendar of clarity
spare-change charity
my dubious timing
weakly unwinding
our corkscrew dive
blue tumbling skies
yet after all
it feels so small
nothing matters
morning staggers
dragging me along
with a familiar song
the only one I like
the only one I know

9 thoughts on “Mubble Fubbles

      1. I try. Sometimes I’m like bam I got something haha.

        Energy surging through blue veins, waking my slumbering soul.
        Caffeine rich and turning red as the pressure rises.
        Days go on, bringing in the sun and the night, coming together as one.
        Returning to the place I welcomed as a child.
        Memories swimming in the backs of my eyes to my brain, somewhere in my cloudy head.
        I remember and smile.
        I remember the lights and the buzzing of the crickets and katydids.
        I remember the scents and holding your tiny hand.

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