Clucky Bastard

I wake up in the dense darkness between early and late
to turn the lever to pull it together and count my chickens
weeks before you’re due to hatch.

I wake up in the blank blackness on the cusp of day
to observe the steady glow of your loving Iron Mother
resting my hand above her heat-lamp.

I wake up in the close coldness and the crisp quietude
to shine a light into all the corners of your little world
observing tiny miracles in holy solitude.

I wake up in the solid silence before another day
to listen for your calls through warm eggshell walls
singing reply in rough whispered song.

I wake up again
although I’ve hardly slept
your voices now too strong
your worlds now too small
I watch as you gradually emerge
while you chip away at your walls
I watch as you break on through
and you stumble onto this earth
then with trembling care
I gather you near
a handful of life so newly arrived
while somewhere a rooster crows.

13 thoughts on “Clucky Bastard

  1. One of those deeply precious pieces where each line leads me into the thrill of all the “other” things it might actually be about…

    without spoiling the surprise and breaking the spell…

    leaving you in the kind of elsewhere to which only those who know the difference can take you.

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      1. Ack I am so sorry, I am fine, just having one of my regular bouts of The Fear, leading me to hide from the world and all the good people in it, including yourself and my other friends here. I’m an ass, I know, but I will get better at this…


      2. It’s ok no need to be sorry! We are all trying to cope with this in our own way. I’m sure everyone is having bouts of fear it’s normal at this point. This stuff is scary. I am here for ya of you need to chat or rant or anything πŸ™‚ . I’ve been experiencing anxiety about a lot of things too. Do what you need and take care πŸ™‚

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