Shock Doctrine

Craving recognition
seeking confirmation
staring back at the eyes in the sky
a constellation of zooming lenses
an orbital array of baby monitors
old Brother’s unflagging vigil
nothing to hide?
nothing to fear!
now move along –
there’s nothing to see here.


7 thoughts on “Shock Doctrine

  1. Perfectly captured (and set free again in the same words).
    Just the other day, I found myself scribbling a new piece, set in fields, by the side of bonfires…
    smoky, empty places,
    waiting for me to fill them, see patterns in the flames.
    I miss them, these places that took you further without going anywhere.
    Seems like now, our screens and devices take us everywhere and leave to nowhere (oh wait, is that a quote? Does it go on my wall? Can I click to make it a motto?)
    Just going out for my lockdown dose of air and sanity… will take this piece with me, turn it around inside.

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      1. Sometimes find myself wishing I could put those fields and bonfires in t-shirts…
        along with trees I sat in…
        pauses waiting for words I wasn’t ready to write.
        T-shirts I can stand in and feel the breeze on my face,
        while other people try to read it… try to figure out why I put such a thing on a t-shirt…
        while somehow remembering the smell of open sky floating off the fabric.

        There you go, Tom…

        Your poetic orbits have got me in a roll now.

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