Three Rolls Away from Chaos

Troubled times with cerveza and lime
some things refuse to change
no squares to spare for your derriere
those fools never take a break
wash five times get soap in your eyes
cause going viral is out of style
“Never fear, I’ll lead from the rear!”
but dignity has already died.

6 thoughts on “Three Rolls Away from Chaos

  1. Internet going kaput must be a chaos much more imminent than having three rolls left. With no beer no TV but soap in the eyes, and the rear being the lead sparing no dignity to square – what an unsettling picture of pandemic you just painted. You are truly something something Scrunch 🦀

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  2. Yeah this whole pandemic thing is scary. Over here in the states many places are shutting down. This all got out of hand so fast. I hope you are safe. This is a great post and a great way to deal with the stress we’re all under trying to deal with this madness.

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