Casino (The Hungry Mile)

“In the race of life, always back self interest. At least you know it’s trying.”
– Paul Keating

Your edifice glares into my kitchen
like a second sun setting in the East
your sparkling mountain of glass
your lofty peak of polished steel
your palace of ponderous vanity
and our collective loss of sanity
those orgulous proportions dominating the horizon
like a gleaming lance thrust into the heart of heaven
penetrating the clouds
flipping off the world
this crass corpulent cock of corruption
mirror bright and without self-reflection
this temple raised to launder your dollars
and empty the pockets of lucky sky-rollers
towering over the land and above the law
your cathedral of highest perfidy
your colossus of venal perversity
your altar of absolute depravity
your monument of base debauchery
this lofty trough for high-class swine
bugger the world and fuck the sky.


Inspired by a True Story

11 thoughts on “Casino (The Hungry Mile)

  1. You can come up with so many felicitous ways to eloquently make your points, leaving no stone unturned, no bush unbeaten, no screw untighten … Reading your thoughts and words is truly a satisfying experience πŸ¦†

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      1. Thanks !! I did another inspired by post from one of your posts. I think it posted yesterday. I mentioned your name as inspired by ! I dont know if the account i have is able to allow me to tag you or not so i apologize for unable to do so. I hope you felt I did the original you did justice. It’s a little of a different take. πŸ™‚

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