Supplements for Supper on the Last Day of Summer

Seven o’clock sharp as a razor
two capsules with tepid water
I’ve taken my tablets, dirty ochre
wake me up when it’s all over.

High noon climbs humid and dull
two more with my lunchtime swill
I’ve taken my tablets, sullen blue
what am I going to do with you?

Evening crawls in shadow’s wake
two more again to mask the pain
I’ve taken my tablets, restive red
steamed greens with sour bread.

My antihistamines are off the leash
plus melatonin for sweeter dreams
I’ve taken my tablets, lily white
no more medicine for tonight.

16 thoughts on “Supplements for Supper on the Last Day of Summer

    1. Thanks Brittny! It’s based on a memory exercise I made up to help me remember when I’ve taken my meds. I would say ‘I’ve taken my tablets’ out loud, to help myself remember. Then, when that didn’t work, I would add a colour I could see at the time (plus adjective) to help. It sort of works! πŸ™‚


      1. Whatever helps haha ^_^ . I use those Monday through Friday things haha. They help me. I kind of have it v easy though becaus bbq i take most of mine at night. It’s only my anxiety medication and medcine for the fibro and allergy medicine. I take my vitamins in the morning.:)

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  1. Didn’t know it could be so interesting watching someone taking their medicine. I don’t want your allergies getting too under controlled though (it sounds insensitive I know), this way I always get to enjoy your funny mind being off the leash, and your lineup of colors as sharp as razer πŸ¦€

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      1. Had to google ulcerative colitis, and found out how painful and inconvenient it is. Oh dear, I don’t want you suffer any further! Pls do keep all the colors in order – blue red white, and don’t forget the rusty dirt first thing in the morning. But I know you’re doing well, those steamed greens and sour bread sound promising … Wish you a recovery much speedier than usual πŸ¦‰

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      2. My apologies, that was probably an overshare on my part! Not meant to make you worry. You’re right, these days, if I take my medicine and keep to a certain diet, life is mostly good. Your thoughts are still appreciated Dot πŸ™‚

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  2. Here’s to the day when a handy nanobot pill will send a team of micro robo-dudes to sort everything.
    I wonder if they’ll be colour-coded:
    red for the impetuous hothead nanobot,.
    bue for the cool, laconic nanobot with the mysterious past,
    green for the philosophical nanobot who learned his ni ja nanobot skills meditating in a tree…

    Ok, this comment is scarily writing me now. I suspect nanobots.

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  3. The nanobots control everything now. We control, we manipulate… and we stroke kittens in a sinister way while we’re doing it.
    John is now a sweet little freckled poppet with strawberry blonde hair and adorable brown eyes too big for her face, living on the slopes of the Andes with her crusty yet benign grandfather (who is really shapeshifting a space cephalopod from the planet Octo-Dude).
    Together, they fight crime with the aid of a sentient turnip called Sven.

    Next week, John will be captured by a race of undersea cornflake monsters who…

    can’t tell you any more yet – it’s a cereal.

    Yes, I really did use that punchline..

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