Pax Atomica

Beneath the earth where giants sleep
wrapped in cocoons of tempered steel
beneath our thoughts and in between
prophecy slumbers below our feet
and in the oceans’ trackless deep
atrocity submerged by silent seas
wars once frozen can be re-heated
just don’t think what dwells beneath
we can light a pyre and call it peace
while giants groan in restless dreams
while power trembles beyond our reach
prophecy demands a promise to keep
we signed the deal but we never read
now giants are entombed down beneath
now we are bound to ensure they sleep
now we are part of their awful dreams
now we rejoice in our Atomic Peace.



I’d like to dedicate this one to all my regular readers… because you truly are the bomb.

13 thoughts on “Pax Atomica

      1. I confess my eyes are sleepy and Iโ€™m barely awake. Seeing your poem and the note at the bottom made me smile whether the rest of me is ready or not ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ˜Š gโ€™day..

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  1. I tried a while ago to scribble sonething about the staggering, monumental crazy terrir of those who might try to tease out their place in history by tempting those monsters that would bring all history to an end.

    This piece evokes that terror… and conjures a landscape of nightmare machines sleeping warily beneath our feet, or gliding just beyond our shorelines.

    Writing the unwritable with enough poetry in the soul of your words to make the tragedy come alive. A poem for each one of the billions of voiceless hearts living under such a nightmare.


    (cool dedication too)

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