Hamshake (Politics & Pick Up Sticks)

False prophecy is boom-or-bust business
just mind your own and make your bank
while another today refuses to wait
and another tonight is running late
nine to five to seven to eleven again
nothing but time for waiting in line
live your best life at the traffic lights
they say
no rest for the wicked
they say
you bought the ticket
they say
it’s a sticky wicket
but I say
we were fucking tricked.

5 thoughts on “Hamshake (Politics & Pick Up Sticks)

  1. I’ve been living so much of my life in waiting places…
    and not-quite-there places…
    and between places…

    but it’s worth it if I can meet folks like yourself here.

    (and having said that, probably tsking a bit of time out right now… doing a bit of rebuilding… maybe find some traffic lights and crawl into them for a bit)

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