Procrastination, Thy Name is Scrunch

Throwing a self-pity party
My place! Today!
Dress code: utterly ridiculous
b.y.o. tiny violin.

Watch this space as they say
restart the infernal machine
when the tide turns and returns
lay my burden aside
in the blessings of another rainy day
remember that I’m alive
and it’s back to work in cleaner shirts
knuckle to keyboard
bumper to bumper
from warehouse to the front-of-store killing floor
shift it all and sell it all and shift it back again
my vacation in my self-centered stagnation is done
(for now)
back to work we go.

5 thoughts on “Procrastination, Thy Name is Scrunch

  1. You got this Tom ! I always wait excitedly for your next post and this one is great, very honest. I liked the line b.y.o. tiny violin haha . Awesome . Procrastination can sometimes lead to great writing and to great things. I am guilty of it a lot myself. My notes for work for example. They’re ridiculously long and even sometimes things I love like sitting and writing take me forever lol. I need a fire lit under me sometimes. Great post ! 🙂

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