you nearly pulled me over

Every morning you woke up happy
stretching and dancing around me
eyes bright with the familiar question
“Where are we going today?”.

the walk home seemed longer
with your empty collar
heavy in my hand.

5 thoughts on “Scratched

    1. Thank you most kindly Brittny. I think I’ve mentioned my family’s greyhound before on this blog. I looked after him regularly, and I was taking care of him when he finally got too old. Three weeks short of his 14th birthday. It was very sad to say the least, but I am actually quite thankful now that I was the one looking after him at the time. I’m sorry about your cat, I’m sure it was a similarly painful experience, animals are often our truest friends. Thank you for your kind words, and apologies for the late reply, I’ve been a bit out of sorts the last couple of weeks, but I’ll be back in the saddle soon.


      1. It’s ok Tom. I understand. Yes you have mentioned him before watching him and spending new years with him. He must have been a great companion. It’s true animals can be the best companions. I think it’s great how close you were. It’s strange but maybe not really, I dream about Schatten all the time, especially recently. I like to think that he’s visiting me in my dreams. It brings me comfort. It’s been many years now but I still miss him. I never had such a close connection with a pet as I did with him. He would stay by side if I was bummed out or anxiety ridden. I mean even when i was ugly crying, that cat would not leave my side. He even would make me take breaks during my college years by laying on my laptop or books and kind of force me to close my eyes for a few with him on the couch. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true 🙂

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