Music Lessons

She drew music in the sand with her toes
laughing as she tried to explain again
how the universe could be rearranged
while the key might not change at all
and the rise and fall of her merciful voice
guided my eyes along those rivulet lines
until the tide began to sluggishly turn
and the waves rose up to erase her work.

“It’s all just crows sitting on telephone wires!”
I said with half a heart and a stubborn head
“Scales and intervals and diminished chords
it’s a load of nonsense with a pleasant form.”

She laughed, smiling perhaps
for the last time in that decade’s span
we were ignorant and blissful for an afternoon
until the ferry returned to take us home.

13 thoughts on “Music Lessons

  1. “A load of nonsense in a pretty form”- awesome and the way you described the connection between the people and difference in ideas is very catching. I got sucked right into this one as always. Great one, Tom! – She sang for the lonely ocean and the vast crestfallen sky. She sang spinning around like a clown, laughing and letting her voice be set free. The seagulls stopped their antics, silently swooping around her. The thunder hushed, and the sea became tranquil. It was like she had her own kind of magic. Magic only understood by nature and those who were attuned to it.

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      1. It is 🙂 a lot of my poetry is like this . I don’t know where it comes from sometimes but it’s literally like the words are being spoken to me. It’s wild when it happens but I love it. I wish I could feel this way all the time. This is one of my goals for 2020 to constantly remain inspired and not let adulting kill me lol ^-^


  2. Left me hungry for a new ferry journey of my own, and new beaches.

    There are those who like the certainties inland,
    those who embrace the thrill of adventures to distant shores…

    and there are tbose,
    barely heard against the incoming tide,
    whose home is in the halfway music,
    the turning point
    where we catch a little of the tide
    and know the ocean itself has smiled a little at the feel of our toes.

    Thank you.

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