Stoned Crows & Starving Lizards

A hunter moves in sudden bursts
furtive track across a vertical desert
minute black eyes and yellow scales
he is forever ready to drop his tail
lest another predator should appear
to turn the hunter into his meal.

While out in the garden a lazy buzz
as a fattened gatherer wanders about
bumbling drunk within a sugar rush
blue belly shining in the orange sun
a life of flight from orchid to rose
collecting flowers for the family home.

Ignoring both the gecko and the little bee
a noble thief scrambles among the leaves
for secrets to discover under netting cover
forbidden fruits are purloined with ease
“Hidden treasures are the greatest of pleasures!”
said the clever crow with his blueberry feast.

8 thoughts on “Stoned Crows & Starving Lizards

  1. Great visual descriptions! I love the part with the bee. I could picture him heavy and weighted down, drunk with nectar. I love bees, especially the fat ones lol. They’re such amazing little creatures flying like they do. Great post !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Brittny! I like bees as well, and while yellow honey bees are more common, the one featured here is actually a native species which have blue and black banded markings on their abdomen, which I thought was pretty cool.


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