Thirty Rusted Lawnmowers, Forty Busted Boat Motors, & One Caravan Full of Nightmares

Mowing the lawn?
You’re doing it
but I care just enough
to provide for you son
my life’s
only lesson.

Don’t break your back
staggering around your stack
with a thrashing howling living machine
rock shard and cut grass spraying
sweat cooking on your back…
No! you take that mower
and you rip it apart
scatter its guts all over the yard
let the blades rust in the Summer sun
then you go buy another one
and repeat this every weekend
until every inch of earth on your land
is home to some ruined piece of machinery
and the lawn will be
the least of your worries.

Take it from me, I’m a puzzling man
that is,
I’ve framed all the jigsaws I’ve ever done
and when I’m gone that’s all I’ll leave behind
puzzles and garbage
pornography and dreams
and my shack with views of the ocean deep.


Author’s note – Long story short, I went a bit crazy the last few weeks and nearly bought an alleged ‘house’ (in reality a run down rubbish-strewn shack in the middle of nowhere about four hours away from where I, or anyone else lives). In between dealing with all the loan sharks and real estate double agents, I spent a long time inspecting the place with the caretaker. It was a deceased estate, and the family hadn’t made even the barest effort to clean. And as I stood there in among the busted asbestos panels, tangled fishing rods, faded filth magazines, and all the accumulated detritus of another human’s life, I had a bit of a moment…

9 thoughts on “Thirty Rusted Lawnmowers, Forty Busted Boat Motors, & One Caravan Full of Nightmares

  1. Best of luck. We’re searching for houses too. It’s rough. I hope you either make that place work or find exactly what youre looking for. We don’t exactly know what we’re looking for other than something small and homey, lived in. It’s harder to find than one would think. Ugh :/ best of luck friend! Hopefully we’ll all find the home soon . Loved this post. I love how you really let us see the house and experience this with you. Awesome!

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  2. I think that I am quite happy for you that you only nearly and not actually bought an alleged not really house 😊. Well…you did get a funtastic piece of writing out of the ordeal, so there is that πŸ™ƒ

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  3. This piece is great. It has been blended well with facts and emotions. I can empathize with your situation to a very small extent to be honest, but the kind of poem that you have delivered makes it up for everything. You must have gone through a very hard situation, and that is getting reflected.

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