Shark Spank


I ate a dozen apples
devouring one after another
until their sweetness turned sharp
stinging in my jowl, my clenched jaw
aching with mechanical motion
like a cow grazing meditatively
I glutted myself with flesh and seed.

I slept all through the week
embracing each day like a pillow
clutched tight to my face
holding back a flood of contrition
reflexive jerk reaction to self-reflection
I padded my cell with layers of slumber
for a soft landing in the sea of dreams.

I burnt all of my blazing currency
flippant in a spiraling frenzy
until the lights blinked out
in one black moment, nothing
contained squarely and photo framed
until I broke my way out and awoke
famished, befuddled and alone.

5 thoughts on “Shark Spank

    1. Haha well… I wish I could say with my poem titles that there was always a deeper meaning, but sometimes it’s just a silly pun that has been rolling around in my head all day. It may or may not have connection to the rest of the poem. In this case, I’m actually not sure anymore.

      As for the blog… A long time ago I was visiting some dear friends in another city about 12 hours away from my home. There were a small group of us, four or five maybe, we went out for dinner and a few drinks, which turned into many drinks, which lead to everyone crashing in my hotel room, and continuing to drink and tell stories long into the night.
      As the night wore on, things got a bit too fun, and after passing around the third or fourth joint, one friend turned very pale before disappearing into the bathroom. She emerged again about 20 minutes later, barely coherent but apologizing profusely. She had been sick, and then attempting to clean up had somehow managed to drop a roll of paper into the toilet, fished it out again, only to have it collapse into a papier-mache like mush. dropped the mush, tried to clean the mush again, and so on and so on in some stoned loop she kept trying to fix the situation, until she had given up in the face of insurmountable inebriation.
      Being drunk as skunks we all just laughed at first, but eventually I got it together enough to go and clean up. It wasn’t the worst bathroom I’ve had to clean, and god knows I’ve been in her position enough times, so I truly couldn’t be mad at her. At some point, she wandered back into the bathroom while I was using a lemon-scented disinfectant to wash down the tiles. She was evidently feeling better, as she lay down on the floor in a sort of psychedelic trance. Suddenly, while I was splashing the cleaning product around, she sat bolt upright, eyes wide and wild as she stared straight at me, and with great gravity and some real sense of dread, she said:

      And that has always stuck with me.

      Anyhow, thank you again BrittnyLee for your kind comment and question, and sorry the answer turned into a wall of text!


      1. That’s ok . I love this story so much ! I’ve had an experience kind of like rhis but it was at a sleepover when I was in high school . I falling was asleep and then began shouting lizards and laughing uncontrollably for like an hour. I still have laughing attacks like that lol and it’s over the most random stuff. That stuff stays with you. 🙂 Thanks for letting me in to know . I love stories like this.


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