Kentucky Fried Cassowary


By the side of the river we began to unwind
as we pulled at threads throughout the night
unraveling Revelations
and tearing down shibboleths
we ignited the silence with our backyard science
and explored the cosmos with beer in hand.

“Become who you are” he told me once,
“There are no guarantees.”

Every limb was a story or a shopping list
twisted missives composed in faded ink
we spent another day dissecting lyrics
reading signs buried between the lines
and rejoicing
in the simplest conversation.

Our shared delusions drove us to the edge
and our hidden truths reunited us again
down by the water’s end
unsteady, drunk with bubbling joy
“Mi casa es su casa” he said,
“Stay as long as you need”.

One thought on “Kentucky Fried Cassowary

  1. Looking into houses, driving home, stinking of lunchmeat and cheese. There we were, talking about wondering what their lives were like. Sitting in their homes, sipping at coffee or wine. They’ve no need to go anywhere. They’re home bound, living their greatest lives while we were out in the world, trying to live. He told me to never lose sight, to keep my thoughts known, to be who I wanted right then. I was young and naive. I didn’t know what he meant. Now I do all too well.

    Your poem reminds me so much of the times I had with a great friend of mine named Ryan. We both worked in a deli and dealt with a lot. Sometimes we would take longer going home just to talk and listen to music. Other nights we would pick up our friends and go watch movies or concerts. He was wise beyond his years. Your post Tom reminded me of this :)as usual beautifully written !

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