Sulking Skulking Silken Strategist

A predator crouches above her nest
swaying to the breeze or the rock n roll
I don’t know, but she eyes me with skepticism
a dark mass hunched before a white screen
not sure to believe the tallest tales
a mountain that stirs and moves
once in a cerulean moon.

Time moves differently around her
as she gathers the threads and shakes her head
fangs whetted with meals regretted
and bundling up the rest for later
she takes a few irregular steps
eight-fold sensation precise co-ordination
slender legs braced in her trembling web.

She sifts through sands from distant lands
gritted mandibles release an imperceptible hiss
as she settles for seconds and vegetable bits
scavenging my discarded sustenance
only to instigate a lightening raid
gathering up more struggling morsels
and inviting her children out to play.

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