Wrung Duck Pallet Truck

Flip the switch, unlock the reservoir
drip feed that main line ten lane highway to my heart
warm me with opiate optical dilation
prescribe me a speeding ticket in triplicate
carbon copies of foreign bodies replicating in a dish
make me jump like a salmon salad sandwich
tossed, kicked down the road by a tin can castle
peeking through my shutters
at the looming cheese-cutters
asleep in the saddle with crumpled wrapping
clogging carbs seem too matter less
than spinning stars and passing cars
and this confounding stop-motion mess.

Back out where the road lost itself in the dry grass hills
cutting across culverts dry and choked with gravel
every bend a spray of pebbles, hissing grasses lining
a narrow meandering back lane
a momentary flashing confusion, something white-

Pieces break into fragments of atoms of nothing
like a soul diffusing into coma
remote and removed completely
far from time and farther from myself.

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