Manic Pixie Xmas Tree

A rainbow of diodes strung across the wall
illuminated your room with subtle warmth
as I collapsed like molten wax, wick extinguished
pooling limpid in a fold out bed
eyes wired inward, replaying the escape
our desperate dash
along unlit back road rat runs
turning me inside out on the roundabout
in your car spilling my heart like a tin of beans
all across the passenger seat.

Each recall had me jumping with electricity
as you began hurling pillows to centre my reality
and with each tectonic impact, the earth shrugged
side-slipping by another degree
“Did I speak or was I loudly thinking?”
your laughter enveloped me
and I basked in the joy of shared company
yet so delicately I balanced on the precipice
-that curved edge between consciousness
and the dark ravine of sleep-
that I wasn’t even aware I had fallen.

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