A Crisis on Infinite Earths

Thoughtlessly under my breath
dripping constant consonants
of crippling discontent
in loving reciprocation.

In disguise and on fire
towering abyssal wrath
fierce and insurmountable
or cowering crushed in misery
one moment to the next
splitting hairs and mixing drinks
seconds apart
and then collapse.

Under the influence of excess she begins to digress
no longer sure what to suspect
shifting the scales of the serpent’s tail
hitting the hammer on the head with a well placed nail,
and as the cosmos compresses into the dressers
and the zeroes win at noughts and chequers,
she folds up the heavens into the kitchen
and sings as she stacks the satellite dishes.


(note- this is a repost from some years past, title is ‘borrowed’ from an old comic)

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