Rise! Animate and replay, one more time
I summon you, spectres of years gone by
by song and solemn contemplation
I call on you, remnants and revenants
with lasers aligned to invisible designs
pulses of electric messaging
popping and fizzing into existence
fragments of spirit and lighting in a jar
momentary perfection transcending time
and forever again on the rewind.

Rise! Through technomancy and insolvency
I demand of you, death cannot let you rest
while your songs play in Celtic knots
I command of you, colour my lines
fill my life with your being, your lovers
your sad ballad of spent sentiment
captured in codes of ones and zeroes
your soul compressed and exported
across every ocean, you live in the sky
you are wired into heaven’s hard drive.

Rise! Return all those moments
that I had thought were lost.

Rise! Bring me back in time
that I might better the past.

Rise! Download! Shuffle! Rinse and repeat!
Sing you bastard, you belong to me.

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