Kingdom of Beer

You! Lizard of the darkest seas, the fatal reaches
trenches deep and lonely with heavy echoes
submariners stalking one another in silence
nuclear doom laden missile tube prophecies
full speed astern and backwards in time until…
You! Sightless maggot crab carrion dump grub
scuttling ocean floors with a fugue fogged mind
brittle stars and tourniquet etiquette considered
and nothing is dark when you shutter your eyes
and nothing can manifest without your disguise.
You! A curse, written backwards and poorly
drawn thin and eggshell skull and scrambled brain,
apostate, heretic, outcast, exile, without hope or home
but for abandoned conches and discarded husks fallen
from heights and lights never dreamed nor perceived.
You. A mirror into myself, a distortion, or construction,
crafted, conjured, carved from dense white clay
made living with but a word and a singularity of purpose
sharp as a razor and colder still.
You defy my capacity for words and definition in my thoughts
you are hidden from me by mirror maze hedge magic madness
you are probably lurking under my bed, but who checks?
you are probably nothing but excess drink and a broken head.

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