Forever Again

Droplets collecting , merging essences and becoming one
then those drops become trickles joining to become streams
flowing together in mutual direction, individual volition lost
to the collective pulling, drawn into one another and subsumed
drawing faint liquid shadows around your gaze even as the haze
of your exhalation spreads across the pane like mist
a sigh of dejection expelled and thoughts withheld
like cards clutched close to your fluttering bird cage chest,
escaping into the rain, every tear drop traced and marked
in passing, focusing on each momentary existence
brief and yet convoluted, a child’s first steps before dashing
headlong and headfirst into the widening stream
plunging into the foam of deep white rapids
surging against the steep walls of concrete canals
seeping through rock walls and dissolving salt
spreading slow mould across porous border walls
and precipitating again, consciousness scattered
into numberless points of flashing refracting light
or shattered and sinking into the deep grass carpet
soaking into the clinging matted mass of root and stem
only to find one another again, deep beneath
and far from the sun, tunneling and burrowing
and swelling and growing into secret underground flows
hidden rivers unseen and seeking the great conscious mass
of the distant ocean, waiting, restive and uneasy
chewing at beaches and gnawing on the rocks
grinding teeth of granite and coral shards
gnashing in the broken channels and fallen cliffs
gurgling and growling in the deep sea cave sinkholes
curling and relaxing in the lazy shallows sandy channels
or roiling and raging green waves of the empty wastes
nothing comes to nothing and everything comes together
only to dissolve and rise and repeat forever and ever again.

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