Wake Up Buttercup

The sun sullenly rises, reluctant and raging
early heat enticing sprites from sodden wood fence posts
curling mists from soil dark with moisture
reveling in a sense of dampened dread, insect instincts hidden
under loam and leaf and moss bound fallen trees
golden blades of solar rays spilling through the canopy
seeking my eyes, piercing my sulking dreams
awakening me from dawn’s early slumber
calling me with silent song and secret cries
deep among dense layers of carpeting ferns
brushing me with clammy fronds clasping
dew dropping streamlets unhurried descent
tumbling down tree bark condensing
on grey scarred limbs collecting
chilled sleek sheen of clinging sweat
my steaming wet compost pile head.

I awoke to find the world had shifted
the time had drifted away into nothing and stopped
the sands no longer flowed and hands no longer move
frozen momentarily and eternally
in fractions between seconds with glimpses
of a future that never realised
an aborted timeline and forgotten sub plot
a sunken trope and strangled ambition
a forlorn and forsaken hope
among filth and bile and bathwater
immersed in murk and muck.

I awoke to find the Earth had slipped
the orbit seemed awkward on creaking hinges
a rusted gate grown over with hungry grass
pulled into the ground with binding strands
steadied my shaking hands as I force
my lungs to accept the bitter morning air.

I awoke to find the one I missed
had disappeared with the night like an escaping dream
receded into memory’s black abyss
lost and gone and never more

I awoke and beheld all that had gone before
all the regret and passion and sorrow
melted away with the retreating tides
as the waves lap among the mangrove mire.

I awoke to see your face was different
unknown and inscrutable scrunched up
pressed into an earthen pillow
cold stiff and silent lips
pursed together
holding secrets in eternal tether.

I awoke to the world
and refused the reality I was faced with.

I awoke to the world
and sprung the trap I was setting.

I awoke to the world
and rattled the cage I was caught in.

I awoke to the world
and regretted the past I was replaying.

I awoke to the world
and rejected a sun that was already setting.

I awoke to the world
and rejoiced that soon it would be ending.

I awoke to the world
only to yawn
roll over
and return
from whence I came.

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