The Highway Never Ends, It Just Crawls Over the Horizon & Hides

Don’t forget the hidden regret the lurching the spilling
rolling around in a friend’s car boot clutching pearls
wise to nothing but monoxide highs providing
countless moments in between each awkward word
empty space and heart racing with mercurial solace
burning truths cauterising a liar’s wounds
grab all the silver but leave behind the spoons
pushed one way then another buffering buffeting
feathers ruffling as the momentum turns us
upside down from the inside out
gravel loose crunching and flying sideways
tales of fish and rubber smouldering
reminds me of myself, touching my face
to ascertain it’s integrity or lack thereof.

Dark as the Newcastle night staring down from the heights
Charlestown ridge along the winding of the old highway
an ocean of orange and white stars so far down below
drenched in fog lamp luminous lustre
a glimmering simmering bed of coals
raked by the raw breeze sweeping up the coast
carrying the cries of sailor’s wives
long lost and indistinguishable from the sigh
of lonely midnight drivers clinging to the wheel
eyes locked onto the black ribbon
uncurling eternally before them.

Stumbling and fumbling my way into the day
the sun rising and dissolving visions of the night before
nightmares living and dreams forgiven
untangling the rambling of my altered state
bound up in these chains again
cold touch of rust on my flinching skin
counting the tiles on the walls and floors
trying to apply some order to the chaos
and unravel who I had become.

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