Word Salad Side Dish

As the day unfolds
as limbs uncurl and coffee burns
as the old song plays once more
familiar chords brush brass-wound strings
vibrating deep in my ear
bubbling over head-stuffing pressure
rumbling like a long dead river
slow acceptance
to suffer life’s reluctant return.

Echoing resonance in subcutaneous tunnels
brittle hollow wish bone infrastructure
whistling exhalation brushes a forest of epidermal thread
chilling a procession of rising ridges and hackle headed
stimulated response
to continental shift.

Tectonic tesseracts and Teutonic tautologies
rattling sabres and sable coated rats
sources of sauces made from horses of courses
paladin salad and Saladin’s parrots
broken mallets and bent arrows
long lost good byes and abrupt hellos
broken apart, chewed up and spat out
ground down like fine ivory keys and loose teeth
fine membranes under subtle crushing pressure
turning stones grinding one another eternally to dust.

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