Scrunch & Judy

Turkey tuning forks and motherless chicken sandwiches
salted and bitter from long months of dark and hormones
steroids, uppers, downers, squawkers, and bleakness
puddles of despair pooling effluvia
rivers flow backwards and trees die where they stand
Frankenstein fields of mud and molten rock long cold
speared by towers of black iron and butterflies
soot laden wings stained by lead cloud sky.

From the Palatine Hill to the Mariana deep
we’ve piled mole shite into mountains and plunged
plumbed and plundered the skin off your very face
melting fracking compressing and combusting
every cell every fibre every atom.

We are the cancer, the canker, the tumour
we are the disease, the virus, the parasite,
we are ticks on the back of a dog
we are a shit stain on the face of god.

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