Critter Fritters

Black Mondays and grey grain photographs
thinking back on all that’s collapsed
another rotten decadent decade
sinks in silence to settle on the ocean floor.

Undetectable strands, god filaments
fragments of creation, shards of the past
with every contraction, every shrinking vessel
vibration and sensation rattling the brain.

Fashioning islands from the bones of the sea
carving new land from coral skeletons
leviathan carcasses rotting in the tropical sun
bleach white sandy stretches dredged from far below.

Radar towers twirl like children’s toys
piled beside surface to air manta rays
weaponised turtle shell bunker building blocks
and embedded heavy cannons cast from red iron.

Globster claws and razor lined maw
beast of the deep and blind narrows
breaking the surface with a surge of champagne
subterranean and sublime under sea-borne slime
born of dead plastic wasteland and nuclear fiction
all of the dread fought with laser precision
guided AI and fuel-air detonation
pockmarked patterns with concrete slabs
raining down around like Christmas confetti.

We made this wrathful creation
we birthed this wretched horror
and settling into our beach-side mountain manses
we’ve got million dollar views of marching oblivion.

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