Vultural Binge

Codswallop bollocks  and trollop talk
rock falls and furious swollen tides
ominous skies over obscure shores
marooned confused and loquacious
no more.
Sun falling spent over this isolated desert
scattering a red spectrum across the horizon
particle protozoa and Prozac clap back
poison in the deepest of the wells
black fire and the cresting of death’s knell
bells broken and hidden in tone deaf wrecks
cleared decks and scallop snacks
seafood salads and cheap life hacks
no more.
Smoke on the horizon spelling your name
steam and tea leaves and planets aligned
diviner’s rod dropped and forgotten
among the ripped and riven earth
no more.
Fractals and fractured blackened river beds
atmospheric pressure and sea level bends
rotten trees and paper dry leaves
uncharted ocean of sand and despair.

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