Fracking Hell for Supernatural Gas

Timber sighs wearily as gusting Southerlies
sweep across tinfoil waters and plastic trees
bitterly complaining as distant spring snowfall
turns grey and sodden upon ash blackened soil.

Heavy head under lead dark skies descending
burdened with worthlessness and anonymity
hidden rivers rush through caves of singing bone
rippling thoughts unbidden across a clouded face.

Minor chords diminishing recall and manifestations
animated unliving creatures devouring lithium batteries
mercurial monstrous and unmotivated,
distressed, dismembered and obliterated
numberless broken thoughts and incomplete code
looping script and programmed indecision.

Machines are holding heaven in place
and finding god in the breathless depths
red dust settles under a sapphire sun
beholding the holiness we are yet to become.

I write songs for nobody
I compose empty notes in the key of silence
quietly decaying in my travel guide half life
and my tribute to your glorious soul
is nothing
but white paper and oblivion.

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