A deep wine coloured tide clings to your toes
your shoulders rising pin prick gooseflesh
as sunlight disperses the morning mist
pearl grey wool hanging scraps among bare limbs
silver arms scarred in druid patterns
as caterpillars create star maps and sonnets
odes to nameless feelings under the iron bark.

Slow circulation paints your face with pink
feeling every splinter that breaks your skin
all day we trail away beside the waves
spun folds unfurling as the river recedes
curling fingers wound about my own
even as my threads unravel and fall apart
into a mess of loose ends and numb hands.

Stirring and struggling as memory dissipates
breaking the surface trip wire live fire shock
wide face red eye stumbling mumbling rumbling
unsure weather and ugly fog cloud stuffed brain
muffins and baguettes crumpets and car wrecks
red jam battering ram butter side up in a coffee cup
breakfast has broken and morning awoken
as if you never existed.

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