Shallow Water

I cannot remember you anywhere except in the setting sun
and while my brain is piled high with dark modern garbage
you never grow dim and yet ever more distant
fading only with the turning of the earth.

I cannot remember your voice or face
and I wonder if you ever had any,
only tiny hands scratching away
irate detailed world inside your head.

There are stories I must share with you, warnings
and jokes that go on forever and are never funny,
tiresome rants on subjects I know nothing about
questions without answers
statements that demand inquest
tales of my tortured fortune and dreams
and curses and prayers
and tantrums and fears
and all the nothing that has happened ever after.

I’m going to drive into the burning West
Goddamnit and let me forget
dreaming like a devil
frightened awake
tired yet alive.

I cannot remember being young but I remember you.

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