Empire of Dirt

In these obscure and strange times we are faced with trial upon trial and we never fail but sometimes we hide and in the end our tale is a ballad of bullshit and shame.

Another black curse brewed like bad soup in kitchen grease soap scum chaos, blue lips and white faces and unborn unspeakable phrases as calamity crawls in the hollow walls and we begin to tear down the house for the sake of security, serenity and an improved veiw of the ever encroaching stars.

A sage once showed me how he trapped a demon in a waterfall,
to be bound by pressure and law and to be ground upon rocks forever.

To find the sacred mountain, to climb
and with each step you bury the rest of the world deeper,
and soon your ascent is complete
you become suffused with tranquility
and overwhelmed by divinity
and you feel the peace
of the seconds preceding annihilation.
This is no way to find the truth
and worse for agonising rebirth…

Your soul is transmuted,
molten gold
at the centre of the earth.

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