Seeya Later, Navigator

Through confusion and blinding rain
I made my way around the strange town
in ever-shrinking circles.
Beer battered bitterness in my clogged throat
and ground pill something burning my nasal tissue
I’m stuck on that street
unable to leave a certain point of view
third-storey madness
and the scream of early jets.
Disgust rising nauseous and wailing
at a full moon and a new year
and the old luggage and pockets full of rocks and bullshit
bent cigarettes and ash and dust and
a new understanding of regret.

The children are growing up sideways and weird
like weeds through concrete
mean green and not trusting their own eyes
to represent inverted truth into their jellied brains.
Teeth are stained and rotting,
none lack limbs but
all missing vital organs
and my own head is drying up as my face is
through my mouth
and onto the floor
and THROUGH the floor,
what the hell was in these things again?

Umbrella parades in the garden that dissolve
back into vegetation the longer I go without blinking,
we were attacked by bats
that weren’t there
and now those goddamn acid maggots are all over the ceiling
and I’m writhing comfortably on my back
with the world
finally in some sort of perspective…

I fell to earth one morning
slightly harder than usual,
auditory hallucinatory feedback and static
induced lies and fermented emotional tripe
making it hard to walk
and easier to think.
I considered that none of my deeds since knowing you
had been destined until you altered my course.
Your eyes were always on the stars.
In flames I shall go down
for want of my navigator and my friend
and burning up
with the joy of having known you.

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